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so far so good

I haven't voiced any goals and I'm not going to but as I randomly review last year in my head I am beginning to formulate a general direction that I would like the year to go. I have had seven days to get a "feel for the new year". Some of my goals are a continuation of last years but I find myself with a few new ones. 

I am running the 10K this march that finally snapped my hip 2 years ago. I've been treated for osteoporosis and my left hip is healed, actually it feels better than the right one. Wouldnt it be ultimate irony if the right one went this time? hehehehe....seriously depending on this goes i will at least walk the memorial half marathon. (or maybe I will just hand out water to the weary participants). the beginning of the marathon starts at the bombing memorial and it's such an emotional wonderful thing to watch. I want to actually do it. but....gotta see what my body will let me do. 

Health goals as usual: limit sugar, limit  fast food (except the occasional pizza and long john silvers) get 6 hours of sleep each night, keeping walk/jogging on my days off and maybe add in a  little variety to my workout. 

Be open to a community service project. Be active in my church now that I'm almost finished with my weekend contract.

Go out on a date. A real date with a man. Maybe sample the local places to obtain steak and formulate an opinion of which one is the best in my area. At least act like I'm divorced. 

Save every penny, limit my cash output and keep it like a greedy miser so I can pay down my credit card and buy a house in my sons school district. No more splurges till this is accomplished

I'm going back to a regular schedule, there is an overtime contract, but i need to get used to my regular pay check. I've made more extra doing this weekend pay thing than some people make in their regular jobs and i have little to show for it. I have paid down a little debt, i have a $500 emergency credit with my lawyer(fucker), and I have two new 65,000 mile tires(yes i paid 2 much and i need 2 more soon) I have also been on two wonderful vacations(great memories!!) so once I get back to stable finances...forgot about taxes too. ...I make a good paycheck and i should be able to live fairly comfortably. I'm in a pretty sweet situation, not a great neighborhood, but my therapist told me something encouraging. She pointed out that I don't have to live where i do, but it makes life more simple for the moment while i figure things out. I have resources if it becomes an issue but i'm trying to exercise a bit of patience and mourn some losses. I miss my old house so much. I miss the landscape, the comfort, the beauty of it, the jetta tub! I miss that my sons best friend was in the cul-de-sac, that I loved my neighbors that lived next door. I will never have a house that big again. i really couldn't keep up with it very well and so i look forward to a smaller place more affordable that I can really do up right. What I gain is happiness with my situation, the ability to do what i want because i'm not using every last penny to make my mortgage. 

Since last Christmas I realized what I truly appreciate is the experience of Christmas, I cannot tell you a single gift I got for the last few years. So Last year I didn't buy gifts at all, i was too stressed emotional and financially but i had some great times with the kids. i didn't get to repeat those this year but found another really special experience with the kids that we will talk about forever. I got them a couple gifts but they are the only ones. We just had a very nice evening together. I connected with a few other family members and was snowed in with my parents and we had a good time. So that translates into life also. I'm going to focus on experiences like vacations, i remember so many happy things from vacations past. My birthday this year was awesome. I do like to receive gifts but more than anything just give me your time and attention, and i will do the same

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