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Every time I address the need for my son to shower or brush his teeth he argues about it. I am not sure why. A few things have worked. I take away stuff, I yell, i bitch, i bribe. He argues every time until I really hurt his feelings and then he just does it. He spends more time arguing his way out of it than it would take to actually just take a shower or brush his teeth. He wants braces I am not doing it! He cannot keep his mouth clean. When i see that he does it consistently, I might consider it. 
What drives me even crazier is that he lies about it! We live in an 800 square foot house. IT is obvious that he hasn't cleaned himself.The shower is on for less than a minute, he has a little water in his hair and he stills smells. Its obvious he has not showered. Yet he still tries to convince me that he's done it.

He comes home to me on a Friday, I work through Sunday. I usually just give him a break on the weekend. Then come Monday, he tries to talk his way out. I try reason nicely and stay calm. I refuse to engage him in an argument. We argue anyways and he half asses it. If I can set him up monday night and tell him how it's gonna go Tuesday morning we usually have a good week. But last night we decorated the tree and had fun and fell asleep. So this morning the same excuses. I'll do it tonight i do it in the morning. I don't have time. I don't want to! I finally just lost it and yelled and made him cry. He still refused. I stopped talking to him and he showered and brushed his teeth. I hate when I do it this way. I gave him a kiss and a hug and made him eggs. We talked about how it would go tomorrow morning. He left for school almost over it. We have two more days together before he goes back to his dad's. I hate this.

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