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This is one of those days where everything I watch on TV is interesting. Usually I’m up and at em super early in the morning but about all I accomplished this morning was answering some questions and commenting on stories.
 The today show began with cyber Monday deals and shopping opportunities. They reviewed the Thanksgiving evening store opening and the craziness of shoppers as Black Friday ensued a half a day early. With barely a segway to the next topic, the news portion of the show started with the headline discussing the fiscal cliff. I don’t know that I completely understand this but I can give it a great guess just based on what it’s being called. I imagine this point of no return as we all spend our way over the edge with smiles on our faces and shopping bags in hand. (except its our government) Shopping is SO much fun. Paying off my credit card is not but there is a different feeling gained as the gratification is delayed. It’s a wonderful feeling when your balance is below $100 or zero. I absolutely refuse to charge anything on the credit card I have with a zero balance. I wish they were all that way. I’m working on it. I am keeping a positive attitude that the US government is watching this carefully and has a plan to put on the brakes before the point of no return. Or even if we do fall, they will make it look as if we aren't so that we all don't freak out too much. I would love to live in the matrix. 
On to local news, you must read this part for a good laugh.
The local news featured this overweight elderly lady in a motorized chair fighting crime. She noticed some men stealing a TV out of one of her neighbor’s homes. AND SHE CHASED THEM!!!!!  The cops showed up and arrested them. She is really fortunate that somewhere in these criminals’ hearts they had the presence of mind and remorse to not attack an old handicapped lady. She is my new hero! She didn’t let her disability or fear keep her from helping her neighbor out. Maybe this even made an impression in these guys’ lives that they just can’t get away with this stuff anymore. I think it is funny picturing these guys in jail when all the other hardened criminals find out they were caught by an elderly handicapped lady in her jazzy chair. HaHa!! 

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